Script in remoto per Webmaster

Non puoi inserire script dinamici sul tuo sito? No problem con noi!Sito in lingua inglese ma facile da usare, offrono ben 23 script gratuiti già installati sul loro server e funzionanti. E' sufficiente iscriversi ed inserire il link di riferimento nelle tue pagine dopo aver scelto il servizio gratuito che offrono.

Ecco alcuni script gratis online:
Message Board Interact with your visitors by allowing them to post messages on your own message board!
Top Sites Let webmasters join your Top Sites so that users can vote for the best site, as well as drive more traffic to your site.
Password Protection Ever wanted to have a page that is password protected? Now you can! Mailing List Have your visitors sign up for your mailing list so that you can send them email updates.
Form Mailer Utilize forms on your homepage to receive input from your users. Polls Find out what the opinions of your visitors are by running a poll on your Web site.
Site Search Allow your visitors to search your Web site for information! Guestbook Let your visitors leave their feedback about your site in your own guestbook.
FFAL Page Let your visitors add links to your own personal Free For All Links page! ChatBoard Similar to a message board, with all discussions on one page instead of multiple pages. Web Recommend Increase your Web site's exposure by allowing visitors to recommend your site to their friends through a simple form.
Domain Search Let your visitors search for domain names through a simple form. Start Page Automatically login to read your email, categorize your favorite links on a easy to use page, and tons more. Text Counter Put a text counter on your web page – not a graphic! Graphical Counter Place a graphical counter on your web page. Many different styles are available!
Click Tracker Track how many times a file has been downloaded or a link has been clicked. Jump Box Let your visitors use a drop down box to navigate your Web site.
Countdown Start a countdown on your homepage to a certain event or date. Anti-Spam Fight back against spammers! Redirect their email harvesting robots to a page with a ton of fake email addresses. Spam Protect Protect your email address! Using a simple code you can fool email robots into not indexing your email address.

Random Link Allow your visitors to visit a random Web page through a link. Random Image Have a random image come up on your homepage.

Link: Script in Remoto per Webmaster

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